Laundry Service Corp of Mercer NJ 

Laundry Services FAQs:

  • I’m representing a commercial business. Will you wash items owned by my company?
    Yes! We specialize in washing linens owned by our customers


  • I don’t own any linens for my business. Do you rent them?
    Yes, we offer a wide range of items in different sizes, colors, quantities, and styles. Contact Laundry Service Corp to learn more.


  • Will my linens get mixed with other people’s laundry?
    Absolutely not. Unlike most other commercial laundry services, we pride ourselves on keeping each customer’s linens separated throughout the washing and packaging process.


  • Can I rent linens from Laundry Service Corp?
    Yes. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant, managing a hotel, planning a corporate event, or otherwise in need of linens, we offer a wide variety of rental options. Our rental linens include terry products, bed linens, table linens, towels, and more.


  • How will my items be washed?
    All laundry items will be washed in water and dried via hot dryers unless items are clearly marked dry-cleaning.  Laundry Service Corp is not responsible for damage to ‘Dry Clean Only’ items placed in with normal wash, or colors that bleed from one item to another during the wash cycle.


  • Do you provide a retail laundromat service?
    Unfortunately, we do not. But we do offer residential pick up and delivery service. Let us take the hassle off your hands!