Custom Linen Service

Custom Folding and packaging.

Because of our smaller batch processing Laundry Service Corp is glad to help you with your custom folding or packaging needs.


Examples of Custom folding:

  • Towels folded a certain way to fit on storage shelves.
  • Need your tablecloths placed on hangers.
  • French Folded Towels

Examples of Custom packaging:

  • Do you need a specific quantity of items per package
  • Do you prefer to have your items shrink wrapped or placed in plastic bags
  • Do you need different items packaged together… as an example:
    • Some of our customers request a specific bed pack that includes bed sheets, Pillow case, Towels and blanket all in one shrink wrapped package.


Let us discuss your situation and we will work with you to streamline your handling of Linens by considering the various linen finishing methods that are available.


Folding and Packaging your Laundry Your way to accomadate storage and distribution.